On his sixth solo album “Eon”, Norwegian guitarist Andreas Aase is accompanied by percussionist Sondre Mikalsen, through a batch of eight original jazz-folk tunes with an acoustic and modern tinge. Warm, thoughtful melodies and harmonic surprises unfold over patient and relaxed rhythms, in an intimate setting that requires complete trust and loyalty between the two musicians. Everything is played by hand, as the duo embraces improvisation and global influences, yet always retains the Nordic tradition in the background.

Andreas has recorded alone, as on the albums “Tre” and “V. (Bach)”, as well as with his favorite musicians, as on “Maus”, “Fir” and “Eon”. He has performed in North America, Germany, Scandinavia and Great Britain, he records for Øra Fonogram, and he plays instruments by luthiers Arnt Rian and Tyko Runesson.

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Photo & Video: Kristoffer Hylland Skogheim. Sound: Jo Ranheim, Øra Studio